About Us


Owner of Happy Little Toki
Hi my name is Adrina and I run Happy Little Toki! I curate baby gifts and design baby onesies for those special tiny humans in our lives. I’ve always had three significant passions in my life, and that was for creative crafts, working with children and an unending desire for a delicious feed! Then I just had this crazy idea of putting all my secret loves together to create a baby gift company that sells unique products based on food or experience that everyone could relate to and creating a gift that gives back to help rescue children from the sex trade.
Happy Little Toki ShopHaving years of experience working with young children from all walks of life, I understand just how important it is for a child to be free to dream, to be free from abuse ,to have the freedom to play and access to education. When I hear stories about children getting sexually exploited and used, it broke me heart completely and I just have to do something about it. We have partnered with Destiny Rescue an organisation that helps rescue children from the sex industry and restoring young lives by providing care, program and education after the rescue. We made it our mission to help Destiny Rescue to end this child sex abuse by donating a portion of every sale to destiny rescue.